life as i know it

“You should post on your blog again” my brother Bradlyn stated. I should do a lot of things. But he is right, i should post on my blog. Since i last posted… two siblings, an aunt, and a cousin got married. I attended three non-related weddings this summer as well, to make a total of 7 weddings. I don’t have lots of pictures lined up right now but i have a few… First my brother Bruce married Sheila Gingerich on May 16. Our family travelled to Ohio for the wedding. Photo credits Daryl Musser Photography

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my big brother married off!

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it rained at their wedding but they were very good sports. :)

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The next thirteen days were pretty chaotic. My sister Erica got married May 29. There are about 4 different projects going on in this picture.  I thought it an appropriate representation. IMG_7732

Aunt Marta was there faithful as ever. we got to return the favor and help her a few weeks later… but I’m getting ahead of myselfIMG_7731I can’t talk about Erica’s wedding and not mention two specific people. namely Rachel and Sheryl Gingerich. Erica and I met Rachel and Sheryl almost ten years ago when our family visited Belize while their family served there for two years. We’ve kept up ever since. They flew in from Iowa, a week before the wedding and pitched in wherever needed. And that was a lot of places! Just saying.


it was fun just being with sheryl


 she married Colton Webb. photo credits emelemphotography


three weeks later my aunt Marta married Curtis Stauffer on June 20. photo credits margie yoder.


all the nieces and Marta


That was a crazy day. My shoes gave out between the wedding and the reception so I took them off and went barefoot while serving the bridal table. some people seemed to think it gave me extra energy or something. :) I guess i was running ahead of schedule. ha ha pun intended. other things that happened… i visited my other family in ohio for a few days. i got to putter around in the greenhouse and act like i was helping. the one day was really slow and i got to just chill with my ex-co-workers. IMG_7700good conversations can be had sitting on the floor in a greenhouse




the youth girls went camping one night. we decided to rough it and took only a tarp with the idea to sleep under the stars.  well, what do you know, it rained the entire night. 12 hours of hard rain with no way to leave. we were on an island and the only way to get back was by boat. we were afraid we’d get lost on the lake at night. so we got into our sleeping bags an told stories and waited it out. in the morning some of the girls’  feet were wrinkly form being in water all night. the next day it cleared up and we went out on the lake and got tans so we were happy.


the wagler cousins went on our annual beach trip. we had a bit of trouble. first a friend said we could stay at her house on hilton head. three days before we were to leave it fell through and we could no longer get that house. so we frantically searched the internet for houses. finally we found a condo in north myrtle. we five younger ones went down a day early and didn’t think about the fact you normally have to be 21 to check into a house. so 4 hours from home and they wouldn’t let us check in. another frantic search and we found a hotel that turned a blind eye while we checked in. the next day the older ones arrived and signed so we could, at last, get into our condo.




there have been various reunions and trips as well but this post is long enough. y’all have a great day!

<3 rosemary

The depths of despair [and beyond]

Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God, you have done great things. Who, oh God, is like you? Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth, you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me again. Psalm 71:19-21

Hello again dear people.

Do me a favor. Imagine yourself in a crowded room. Lots of happy people noises; laughter and excited talking in the back ground. Your friend next to you is saying something, and you’re trying to follow the conversation, but it feels disjointed and removed from reality. Your head feels like it’s floating and it’s getting hard to breathe. Red flags are going up, but your brain feels too sick to warn someone. “Something is going to happen” you think. And then you start to fall backwards. Your body is stiff and your knees are locked. It feels like you’re falling in slow motion. Then you hear a crash as you hit the ground.

I have Lyme disease. My doctor says my brain is “inflamed”. Thankfully, it’s not to the point I can’t live a normal day-to-day life. When i’m home getting my sleep, and there’s not excessive noise, i’m able to operate like a normal person. No, dramatic seizures or black outs, and i’m able to pretty well hide the daily effects of Lyme. To look at me, you’d think i was a strong, healthy girl.

But at an institution where you interact with 100 people daily, and there is constant noise and stimulation, it’s a different story.

The first two weeks at Calvary Bible School were like here at home. Easy to hide the small flair-ups when they happened. Then I had the kind of seizure that I described. It just went downhill from there.

After the third week, it changed from second term, to third term. New students and faculty, except for about 17 of us students who stayed over, and the principle and his wife. Second term has 104 students and lasts for 3 weeks. Third term has 65 students and lasts for 6 weeks.

Honestly I’m not sure whats up with my seizures. It feels like I have about a hundred different kinds and they almost never follow the same pattern. They are nearly impossible to predict. Sometimes I can’t walk. Those don’t really feel like seizures but I guess technically they are. Sometimes I can’t talk. Sometimes my muscles spasm and I have “involuntary movements”, better known as jerking. These can be very mild to very intense, and pretty much everywhere in between. Those are the kind I have most often. Sometimes I have trouble breathing and get tunnel vision. Usually i’m conscious and coherent during my seizures. If you have to have seizures, I think mine are the way to go! (not that you can, you know, choose or anything:)) But i’m so thankful that i don’t have worse seizures!  The actual seizures don’t usually hurt, I’m just pretty sore afterward. Oh, and when I hit my head it usually doesn’t feel so good. I know some seizures are extremely painful, like my sister andrea’s.

I’m estimating I had around 35-40 seizures third term. I’ve always been a very social person. I love hanging out and being with big groups of people. I thrive on relationships and I love making friends. Lyme pretty much took that away from me third term. After a seizure I usually had to be in bed for at least an hour before I could walk again. When I was out and about, I didn’t feel good very often. I do remember about 4 days during third term that I felt really good. I’m so thankful for those days! And sometimes, just randomly I would have a good hour that I felt myself.

But the funny thing is, and the thing that kept me from going home early, was that it felt like I was supposed to be there. God taught me a lot in those six weeks, both about Himself, and me. I made some really awesome friends. And I don’t have to wonder if they will stick with me through the hard times because they already proved that they will stay firmly planted by my side. And even when I hurt, and I was stuck in bed on a gorgeous day, I had a surety that God has a plan for my life.

Once I got home, I bounced back pretty quickly. I’ve only had three seizures since I’ve been home. I had a doctor appointment in DC a few days after I got home from CBS and I’m on a 15-month treatment plan.

Well this post has drug out long enough so i’ll close. there is a shout-out post coming though, to all the dear people who took care of me! :)

later y’all! <3 rosemary

Goodbye World

I’m leaving in a few hours to head out to Calvary Bible School. I’ll be attending second and third terms for a total of nine weeks. So obviously you won’t be hearing from me. 😀 Y’all have a good winter!
<3 rosemary

youth trip

so our youth group kinda did a mission/camping trip a few weeks ago. we left here for atlanta, ga around 4.

*photo credits to tinslie wagler*



we got there… actually i don’t remember what time but it really isn’t that important. we got there sometime that night. :) settled in and the guys played a few games.


us girls mostly sat around and gave back rubs and got tired


it was pretty cool, our house was right in the middle of atlanta. we took a walk out around the streets. this was the view from our street. yup i was talking about the penske truck. :) so beautiful right?


the next day we had tickets for the atlanta aquarium. check out all the buses! it was packed!


the aquarium was cool but i don’t think it was worth $30. i definitely wouldn’t go there again since i’ve been there once. i just don’t get a huge kick out of fish.


the dolphin show was pretty cool though.


we bummed around in there for awhile then went and had lunch.


there were lights everywhere!




sorry for the bad picture but i had to put it on. inside joke. :) “CNN is my favorite building!”


after that our group kinda split and some went back to the house to work on supper and the rest of us monkeyed around in the park



we had a few hours before we had to be back to the house so we decided to go the the coke museum which was right by the park and aquarium. it’s kind of a weird picture but you get the idea


admittance was only $16 and i was wondering what kind of museum only charges $16? like maybe its not a very cool museum or something. but the staff were all really nice. the building was very modern. one of the first things was a short film on coke. share the happiness. it was little clips of the happy moments in peoples lives. the kind of movie that makes you feel good. :) then the lights came on and the movie screen slid up to reveal a door. that’s how the whole thing worked. you would walk in one room and the wall would slide shut behind you and another wall would slide sideways etc… it was the most fun museum i’ve ever been to! then they made a really big deal about the secret recipe for coke. it was in this heavily guarded vault.


the best part of the whole museum was the tasting room though. there were over 100 flavors of coke in there and you could just try any you wanted. some of them were really nasty! i think i like just plain coke the best. but it was so fun walking around trying them.




we actually aren’t usually segregated. it just looks like it.


then on the way out they gave everyone a free coke. pretty awesome. we kept seeing this ferris wheel and i have ALWAYS wanted to go on a ferris wheel.


so we decided since it was only a few minutes from our house we’d come back after it got dark and go. we went back to the house and had supper. the mission part of the trip was feeding the homeless. on Saturday we were going to go out and give lunches away. we were under 7 bridges to recovery. so friday night we went to the mission and packaged lunches.


then we came back to the house, grabbed our stuff, and went downtown again.


the ferris wheel was a lot scarier than i expected. it was 20 stories high! all us girls could fit in one so that was cool. the boys got on just ahead of us and they stopped filling after they got on.


we were the first ones to get on so it kept going. stopping. going. stopping. and when it stopped it would ominously sway back and forth. it wasn’t so bad when it was moving but when it stopped like that, it made my feet tingle. :) so the first round was a bunch of quiet little girls. but after that it got fun. we got four rounds, which lasted about 15 minutes. it was really foggy and hard to get good pictures.



it was so worth it! we went back to the house and played reverse charades and pig and donkey. it was hilarious! :)



that night my stomach hurt when i went to bed. a combination of laughter and all those coke flavors i’d tried. it was a good reason to have a stomach ache. :) the next day we went in and fed the homeless. we tried anyway. it was rainy so the mission had a little trouble finding them at their regular spots. also there were close to 30 other volunteers besides our group of 12. so it was a bit of an overkill. the few homeless we did find were swamped as soon as they came up. :) we did see their “homes” under the bridges. wow! i am so thankful for everything i have! it was so pathetic. we weren’t really supposed to take many pictures so i don’t have any to post.  it’s something i’d love to do again with just a few people. we also went to low-income housing. there we had lots of little children come out and we gave them lunches and hygiene kits. there again there were too many volunteers and i felt kind of sorry for the children as every time they turned around someone was trying to give them a hug or pray with them. :) (those were the things the mission stressed we should do) i didn’t do either simply because if felt like i was smothering them. so that was our trip! i’ll end with a picture of our group.


<3 rosemary

wedding prep

well it’s been so long ago, let’s see if i can even remember! i know i got home from ohio, 3 weeks before the wedding. things had gotten a little backed up. andrea had to pretty much put wedding things aside to wrap up at school. erica was busily sewing 8 dresses for the wedding (one of them being the wedding dress!) and mom was frantically feeding work crews that came to work on the house, plus washing, cleaning, and feeding our own family of 9. so when i got home i didn’t have any of the above responsibilities and was able to help out with actual wedding details. and there were a LOT of them! i’m kind of a list person so i typed up lists and tacked them to the wall.


i’m not even going to try to describe what it was like exactly. hopefully you will catch on from the pictures. the table numbers were chalkboard squares which needed to be spray painted


as you can see the deck was full of wedding projects. another of them was painting the bridal table chairs


we had so much help! people were so awesome. i’m not going to name them all but i’ll point them out in pics as they come up. we decided to make flower balls to hang over the bridal table. we did not realize how much work they were going to be when we started! they should have been done months before wedding. they were actually only finished a few days before. we bought the styrofoam balls and t-shirts in bulk. we cut the t-shirts in one inch strips, sewed a gathering stitch and gathered them, rolled them into little flowers and glued them to the balls. it doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but when you have a couple hundred flowers per ball it’s pretty time consuming! originally we wanted 7 but had to come down to 5 as the days passed. we had a few people over to help make them. this was the day we realized exactly how long they take to make! i was hoping to get them finished in one day. ha ha. we got one small one and part of the big one done! but bless the dear girls who came. :) it was a mixture of youth girls, cousins, and joe’s sisters.


erica and esther




tinslie and i. you can see the unfinished large one and the nearly finished small one in the foreground. (sorry its unfocused!)


people got really tired of gathering them! the mood got interesting as you can see.


there were little fuzzies EVERYWHERE!


at the end of the day we still weren’t close to done. sooo…. the strips went everywhere with us and we worked on them any chance we got! even to the lake when we went boating with joe’s family.


 bless joe’s family! they literally saved the day. i’d say they did the majority of the work on the flower balls. and it wasn’t really fun work either. but not just with the flower balls. they painted the entire trailer, ironed table cloths, and prepped the flowers. along with many, many other behind the scenes jobs. andrea ordered her flowers online and they began arriving the tuesday before the wedding. we had to pull leaves and thorns off the roses and rehydrate  the hydrangeas. this is where my other family came in handy. :) i don’t know how many times i called renita and jonita asking this question or that.



it worked out really nice to have the meat cooler. it kept them nice right up until the wedding. we had a last minute panic trying to find spray roses because sams sent us more regular roses and we needed spray roses for the bouquet. but an old friend was able to find some for us and ran all the way to greenville to pick them up at the last minute. pepsi and my phone. pretty much life savers when working on a wedding. at least for me. :)


marta put together a seating chart for us


aunt jan moved in a week before the wedding and took over all housework. she was amazing!


two nights before the wedding our house was filled to the top! we sent out teams to pick queen annes lace from beside the road, and put the programs together. there were other various projects being worked on as well.




the last time we had this many vehicles in our drive way was brad’s accident. i’d rather have a wedding. :)


okay well it’s time to wrap this thing up. good night!

<3 rosemary

CBS Term 2

well scarcely 8 months later. :) but i won’t make any more excuses! i’ll start with my dorm. i was really sad to leave my first term dorm cuz i loved them so much. and because i got moved to dorm one. which was right across the hall from the deans room. :) it’s notoriously the trouble dorm, mostly because the deans can hear everything. but i’m pleased to report we only got shushed once! my new dormies were pretty amazing too though and we had a party!

Susanna Yoder, Katie Eash, Katie Beachy, Suzanna Beiler, Lisa Miller, Me


yea, it got a little confusing sometimes with two susannas and two katies but we managed. there was also someone else there that i was thrilled to have with me.


it was awesome to have a sibling with me at cbs! especially a brother. i could run tell him all my drama and he’d help me figure it out. and i liked to try to embarrass him occasionally.


i don’t think it really worked. :) okay, my classes. lets see my first class was commands of christ which was taught by hosea troyer whom i know from family week. i was blessed to have amazing classes second term! i loved all of them.


second class was doctrine of the church by gerald wagler. it was a small class of just 14 and consequently we had lots of discussion which i loved!


in this class we split up into two churches and had a bishop and two deacons. we had to find a place to start our church, have a budget, buy a church building, and most importantly we had to make standards! we also had a real church service with a real message and real devotions, sunday school and singing. :) i totally recommend this class! its really practical and it taught me a lot! so if you’re going first term in 2015, sign up for his class. :) fyi, my church was called tooele mennonite church and was located in tooele, utah.



my last class was christian family living by kevin graber. that was a rather large class and also very educational. :)



those were my classes. and on to study hall.



chorus by director leonard mast.




picture night! 18 year olds.

IMG_0245 (1)

19 year olds

IMG_0245 (2)

20 and older

IMG_0245 (3)


IMG_0245 (4)

some very important people! the cooks. :)

IMG_0245 (13)

i think south carolina had a record this year! we usually don’t have more than 5 or 6 but this year we had 10!

IMG_0245 (18)

preacher’s kids

IMG_0245 (28)

dating! :)

IMG_0245 (29)


IMG_0245 (27)

and this is how the rest of the chorus room looks on picture  night. :)

IMG_0245 (34)


reunited with family weekers.


it was super cold second term, it got down to below zero. lots of snow!


snowball fight!


the epic snow man some of the girls made


snow fort





since it was so cold we didn’t play a whole lot of volley ball and there were more inside games.





evangalism day was really snowy and icy so they didn’t make people go out. just the people who really wanted to braved the roads. the rest of us stayed and did skits and had a spikeball tournament. and just so you know, the couple dancing are brother and sister. :)



IMG_1735 (2)




converse and black socks? yup it CBS!

IMG_1749 (2)

tournament day was also too cold and rainy to play outside. thankfully the roads weren’t as bad and we were able to go to a gym about 45 min away.




championship game


and the winning team!

IMG_2178 (2)

every week your dorm gets graded and one dorm is awarded cleanest dorm. at the end of the term all the dorms who got cleanest dorm get to stay up late in the dining room and play games.




we played some pretty crazy games!!



there are just some awesome people at cbs! here are just a few. this is my little buddy. he would bring me snacks and we would go out and catch craw dads in the creek.


hannah turned 16 out there and in her honor we all tried to wear pink.


it was also great going with my friends from home, crystal and tinslie. i dont have a picture of crystal and i… tinslie and i have done a lot of stuff together over the years! im glad cbs is on that list. i also got to go with my cousin travis. its always cool to have guy cousins there. :)


and that’s the end! well, not exactly. today i got my acceptance card for CBS 2015! here we go again! sorry this post feels scattered and wrongly punctuated, but i’m ready to be done with it! k, good night y’all!

<3 rosemary


okay so sorry! i know i’ve seriously neglected this blog. i know you see this on every single blog you go on… oh i haven’t posted because i’m so crazy busy! and i guess you see it on this blog too. :) i am still  planning to post on the wedding and second term from cbs. but it might be a little bit yet. for now i have a photo shoot for ya. as i have mentioned, photography is not something i am actively pursuing at this point in my life. i still enjoy it, though, and have fun when stuff like this works out. this was a very spur of the moment deal. i was up in north carolina for a wedding and the next day we went to the beach. we had about a half hour of time to kill in a little town called plymouth while we waited on another cousin and i had my camera along so we decided to do a photo shoot. :) so. meet my cousin chad.


we struggled a bit with the lighting as you can tell. :)



it’s an awesome little town and  we had fun bumming around.


and he likes his car. so of course we had to get some with that!


once again the light was just NOT in our favor so i had to play with it a bit to make it look ok.


then we headed out to the beach. there was this sailboat that had washed up during a hurricane over a year ago and hasn’t been moved since. pretty awesome!



something i’m noticing, there is a lot of blue in my life! random observation there. k, there is quite a bit of work i should probably be doing instead of being on the computer. :) good night!

<3 rosemary

all in a days work

this morning we babysat some of my favorite kids. :) they have imaginations! unlike most kids these days. they are very easy to watch because they pretty much entertain themselves. they played outside all morning. :)


such a cutie pie. :)


 at lunch time, we get a call from mom who was just getting home from town. when she pulled in the driveway, there was a HUGE black snake in her way.


 our heros come to the rescue. :)


did i mention it was HUGE?


and we sent it back on its way. only a litter further from the house. :)


this evening our youth group had a tail gate party in my grandpa’s feild.


and here they come. :)




andre’ :)

IMG_3914just chilling. :)


so… there’s this thing called bale-jumping. :)


it really is truly epic!


children don’t try this at home :)


you can really work up an appetite jumping off atvs let me tell you! :)


photo credit bradlyn wagler


i still can’t believe i let bruce have my camera when he was that high! (he climbed a tree) i have a lot of faith in his athletic skills i guess. :)


so that was my day! good night!

<3 rosemary

goodbye ohio

i am back to my south carolina home! it’s great to be back but seriously i MISS my ohio people! i learned a lot from these people and not just about plants. :) ok i’ve never been a huge fan of people claiming unrelated people as “family”. but i honestly feel like i have two “families” now. maybe it’s because i lived with them for seven weeks. maybe it’s because they’re so comfortable to be with, or maybe it’s just because they’re awesome. :)i’m gonna kinda go backward here and start with the week end i left. tinslie, caroline, gale, and bruce came to pick me up. bruce spent the weekend at sheila’s and the girls came over to plain cityfirst they were going to get there at 2 then it moved to 6 and till they actually got there it was 7. they actually got lost and i could see them across the field driving back and forth. so i jumped in the car and went and found them. when we got back to the house we erupted out of our vehicles and met in a loud group hug in the middle of the driveway. :) that night we went out for chinese and just caught up. the next day they worked in the green house with me.


this picture tells a story all on its own. :)


we went into the house at 12 and had a nice leisurely lunch. when i got back out to the shed afterwards…


they threw a little party for me! it was so sweet! i have the best co-workers ever. there was this giant blue pot that i had been dreaming about getting and they all went in together and bought it for me! i had to cry a little when they told me.  they had ice cream and salties and a card. it was perfect. :)


we had to take some group pictures of course. something funny happens when you lift heavy trays of flowers around every day for weeks on end. mom says i’m so much stronger now! we call it the greenhouse effect. :)


kendra, jonita, brenda, janessa, carmen, me, glori


my last day…

IMG_3568it was so weird working and knowing i won’t be back on monday to unload plants, trim, cash, or water. quite sad actually! that night the youth played volley ball at a gym.




and then it was sunday. my last day in plain city! renita invited the youth girls over for lunch. that was awesome. a few more hours to put off saying goodbye. :)this is actually a picture taken a while ago. these youth girls made me feel very welcome and made it a party! they have a special place in my heart. :)


we loaded up the van with my many flowers and flower pots, and then sat around not wanting to leave.


micah and jonathon flew their airplanes for us.


the goats were just tickled pink with their sunday afternoon visitors.


it’s dumb but leaving just felt like the end of everything. i knew i’d see them again but in my emotional, sleep-deprived state it was hard to keep that in mind! i had to fight tears a few times. :) take jonita for example. she literally had the power to make or break my time there. but she just took me in under her wing and became another sister. :) she would fuss at me to take care of myself and watch out for me.  we had late night chats and she  brought out her creative side on sunday afternoons and taught me how to do ombre’ paintings. borrowing shoes and sweaters. inside jokes like tall, dark, and handsome. :)  i count her as one of my good friends.


 then there was jolynn and micah. they did the brotherly duties of scaring and teasing that must be taught at brother school. :) they were also called into service for things that my brothers have to do that most brothers don’t. i’ve mentioned that i have lyme. well sometimes funny things happen to me and i’m not able to walk. i had a spell up there where my legs wouldn’t support me. unfortunately i was outside when they gave out. the boys were very gentlemanly and hauled me inside and up the steps. they handled it really well and didn’t make me feel weird!


jonathon and renita watched out for me and treated me like part of the family. renita made sure i got food and pills and jonathon taught me a lot about efficiency in the greenhouse. :)


i’m planning on seeing them next month at family week! can’t wait! right now that feels like a LONG time away! we had an uneventful ride home. well except for getting stuck in the bathroom and making our own tooth paste commercials. :) it was so good to be home again. i told mom i had forgotten how overgrown, redneck, and awesome the south is. my sister is getting married in two weeks and there’s a lot to do yet! so that’s been keeping me really busy. i guess i should really head to bed. tomorrow is another day filled with wedding details and house work. gotta love it! :) good night y’all!

<3 rosemary

ohio part 2

so i have a few minutes before i should head to bed so i’m just gonna put some pictures on and add a few comments here and there… :)


meet glori. she’s awesome :)


i love this  picture! jonita trimming calibrachoa


 sunlight is awesome!


met up with a cbs friend! :)


this anemone was on the kitchen windowsill and i got to look at it every time i washed dishes! :)


janessa and her sister kendra




the next three pictures the photo credits go to jonita



dahlberg daisies




this was taken standing on the table. i wanted to show you the world above the hanging baskets. :)


we had a special helper last saturday!



saturday night we went out to eat. we played rook while we waited for our food to come out.


jolynn and jonita. she claims they are incapable of taking nice pictures.


kendric. maybe he is too…? :)


micah looking all worn out. :)


and my awesome hosts. :)


we had to run into meijer afterwards.


i also got to be here for micahs graduation which was awesome!


ok i really need to shut this thing down. sorry it’s so scattered! til next time!

<3 rosemary