CBS Term 1

ok i am finally posting here! im a little overwhelmed, i’m not exactly sure which pictures to post an how many etc… so i guess i’ll just give it my best shot! :) here are a few pictures of the buildings themselves. the main building. this is where we had classes, meals, and church.



girls dorm


guys dorm/teachers house


 next i shall introduce you to my dorm.


this is a really awkward picture but i dont have a better one. from left to right we have; Mindy Nisly, Maria Gingerich, Me, Michelle Fisher, Candace Miller, Lindsay Overholt and Lindsay is holding our mascot Jeffy. :) i was really nervous about who would be in my dorm because i heard your dorm can pretty much make or break CBS. but i am happy to report that these girls were awesome and  we had a great time together! maria was our dorm mom and she did a great job looking out for us and making sure we were up on time. well, me anyway! quite a few mornings she would come to my bunk and be like, rosemary do you know it’s 7:40? we had to be in chapel at 8 so i would jump up fly around getting ready. :) i guess i will try to take you through a day at CBS. you wake up in your dorm along with five other girls. we had to stagger shower and mirror time in order to all get ready in time. then it’s off to a fifteen minute chapel and then you have thirty minutes in your dorm for personal devotions. my first class was Galatians taught by Julian Nisly. this is actually Julian teaching his other class but i don’t have a picture of him in Galatians.


i had off second period and usually took a nap or wrote letters or did wash… you get the picture. :) third period was Science and the Bible taught by Benji Jackson. btw this was the day he showed a documentary. hence the blankets over the windows. and that’s the class clown front and center. :)


next was lunch and then Bible Reading and Prayer. because of my health i only took three classes instead of  the required four.  i had fourth period off and then fifth was Phillippians taught by Benji Jackson.



Chorus by director Clifford Stoltzfoos. it was so much fun singing with a hundred other youth! it sounded pretty awesome. :)


IMG_1702 IMG_1703

after chorus we had about an hour to do what you want until supper at 5:30. mostly we played volley ball and hung out. after supper we had study hall to, what else? study. then came evening chapel and then a little more hang out time before we had to be in our dorms. dorm sharing and then lights out at 10:45. then wake up and repeat! :)  then there were special days light volley ball tournaments…



my team made it to the championships…




we lost by one point then but we had a lot of fun! this is my team


i dont have a picture of the winning team unfortunately. tournament day was the first saturday and evangalism was the second saturday. i have a few random pictures from that


this was my group exchanging numbers before we left


we went door to door inviting people to our chorus program and witnessing if we had a chance.


it was a bit out of my comfort zone but definitely a good experience. afterward we went out to eat before heading back to CBS


one of the last evenings we had banquet night. everyone dresses up and they decorate the dining room… its a lot of fun. :) somehow i lost my pictures of the tables and stuff so this is the only picture i have from banquet night. these were two of my really good friends. :) i hung out with them a lot. Candace Miller and Alanna Nisly.


can’t forget clash day! :)




and i have to include a few pictures of spike ball. there was pretty much always a spike ball game going on somewhere!


IMG_1621 IMG_1657

im just gonna post a few more random pictures that probably wont make sense unless you’ve been to CBS

IMG_1870 IMG_1876









CBS 2014 191


CBS 2014 172

and that is just a teeny tiny part of first term! ill try to post about second term eventually. life is super busy right now with planning andreas wedding. also im leaving this weekend to go to ohio for 7 weeks. so my next post will probably be from the buck eye state! night y’all!

<3 rosemary

tail gate party!

wow. its. been. a. long. time. CBS was awesome! but i’ll post about that later. first I have some pictures to post from our tail gate party. tinslie, caroline, gale and I had to catch up when tinslie and I got home. so we got my brother-in-law-to-be’s old truck, ordered a pizza, grabbed some wood and parked out in grandpa’s field. and talked, and talked, and talked. :) looked at cbs pictures and told cbs stories and laughed at cbs jokes. you get the picture! we also let caroline and gale talk believe it or not! heard all about what happened in the six weeks since we’d been gone. it was so good to be with my girls again! we started out making a fire. it was a pretty good fire too if I do say so myself. :)


doesn’t this look inviting? :)




when the fire died down a bit we roasted marshmellows and made s’mores. yum!


it also got pretty chilly when the sun went down but we just snuggled up with blankets and were fine. :) all in all it was a great night. there were a few tense moments at the end when we almost got stuck but we just revved ‘er up and plowed through!


so good night y’all! oh btw, I decided I don’t like rozi. so from now on I’m rosemary. :)

<3 rosemary


in two hours i will head out for Calvary Bible School in Arkansas. i’m planning to be there for 6 weeks and i highly doubt i will post. so i guess this is see ya later!

<3 rozi

youth group

our youth group has sung a lot in the past few years. then allens were leaving and we are losing a few others from our youth group so we decided to make a cd for memories sake. :) and a cd has to have pictures right? these are a few pictures from the youth group photo shoot.



ok, thats all for tonight!

<3 rozi


last week i took my sunday school kids (plus 2) out to mcdonalds. it was sort of a good-bye party for Carissa so her little bro forrest came along and then my little bro alex wanted to come too. :) by the way, allens left on monday for Cambodia.



tell you what, those playgrounds sure are a lot smaller than i remember! or am i just bigger? no, i think the playgrounds are smaller.


forrest was afraid to go down the slide at first and he needed a bit of encouraging. :)


oh yes, its much more fun to climb UP the slide than to go DOWN.


but it is fun to come down too. :)


and a rowdy game of hide and seek.



ice cream!


alex, braydric, karla, carrissa, forrest, and delana


on another note (literally!) i got the sweetest note the other day. a little boy at one of my cleaning jobs left this for me. it made my day. :)


anyway, i’m teaching for andrea tomorrow so i really need to hit the hay! nite ya’ll. :)

<3 rozy

shots and sales

scarcely a week later from the actual event i am finally posting… last friday travis, tinslie, bruce, and i went to get our flu shots. why are we all going in together? we are all planning to go to Calvary Bible School in january and it was recommended we get flu shots. so we went together for moral support. :) i have a serious fear of shots. i don’t mind having blood drawn but shots freak me out! i hadn’t had a shot in years so i was a little nervous.


gotta love forms.


i wanted to go first so i wouldn’t have to watch anyone else.


and guess what! it didn’t hardly hurt at all! it made me sick for the next two days but the actual shot wasn’t more than a pinch. so i think i have conquered my fear! tinslie didn’t get the picture when she was actually giving the shot so she offered to reenact it. :) so in the above picture it was all over with. anyway, tinslie was next.


bruce watched the needle go in for tinslie and he kinda got freaked out. because they push it ALL the way in. that’s the explanation for his expression. :)


and travis passed with flying colors. :)


since it went so well we had to celebrate. :) so starbucks was our next stop.



that weekend the waglers were having a sale to disperse of grandpa’s things. i bought that wagon in the far left corner btw! i’m planning to fix it up in this spring.


IMG_0790that evening there was a fundraiser for a lady from our community that has cancer.a bunch of us kids went to that. there was face painting. :) yea!




and that was last friday! nite ya’ll

<3 rozi

I am [officially] graduated!!

last friday night i graduated from high school. sweet! it’s a good feeling. and a big relief. :) we had a 45 minute service with the usual singing, speeches, and diploma-giving.

*photo credits go to lori helmuth and dorothy fehr





and i dont know about ya’ll, but those times where you have to stand up front and shake someone’s hands while they give a little speech… awkward! i never know if i should look into their eyes the whole time or look above their head.  or if i should continue holding his hand or pull away, or if i should grin or look sober..? thankfully it was my uncle so it made things slightly less awkward. :) and from my  picture it looks like i decided to smile…


and, oh look! there’s someone else recording this awkward moment. yay! :)



after the service it was time for the fun part! :) our colors were silver purple and white. and sparkles. tinslie and i have been planning our graduation for the last six years. we really had a lot of fun running all over town trying to find the perfect things. :)





we are def NOT professional decorators but we had fun! :) and i think that’s what counts. bruce made this stand thing for us btw.



and here we are with our tables. this is where big sisters come in handy! lori and anj were both huge helps with this area.




our moms are all amazing cooks (at least in our opinions!) :) we had taco salad and bread and cake. it was delicious!


they had to work really hard though. but of course they didn’t complain.



and then came the gift opening!


children, stay in school. :)


okay, it looks like luke isn’t opening gifts in this picture. actually i believe he is writing in the card he gave me. or maybe it’s tinslie’s. either way, it’s still a picture of him with gifts. lol


i’m going to end with one more picture of the happy graduates.


night ya’ll!!

<3 rozi

family week reunion

so once again we had a family week reunion. and once again it was in ohio. this year though, jerry and hannah troyer planned it. it was awesome! i was very annoyed with myself because i forgot to bring the camera. so for this blog post i’ve had to rely on my dear friend sarah king to supply me with pictures.  okay, we got up there friday and had supper and volley ball at the gym. the next day we did a work project for deeper life ministries. (at least i think that is what it’s called. can’t remember for sure) we girls did some painting and the guys did something with wood and a saw. they explained it to me but i still don’t get it.


after we got cleaned up we sat around deeper life and played some of the dumbest, most fun games you can imagine. :) there was one called pig and donkey.we just about died laughing on that one. :)

IMG_9147 (1)

it was a pretty crazy mood that afternoon. the girls of course were taking nice pictures together…


and then these two guys whom i do NOT claim to know… :) were mocking us girls and decided to take a picture together as well.


Saturday night we played volley ball again


after that we went back to the troyers and looked at pictures and such until about 12. Sunday was sad because we had to leave. :( but all good things must come to an end right? and this really was a good thing. :) jerry and hannah and their family did a great job planning and hosting! and now i need to get moving on other things. namely cleaning downstairs. :) have a great Saturday!!

<3 rozi

green house cleaning

i haven’t been able to use my greenhouse the last three years for various reasons. so my poor little greenhouse sat abandoned and became the “catch-all” for all the junk people didnt know what to do with. oh, and also about 100 spiders and 6 cats made it their home. i know, gross! finally last saturday, armed with a bucket, brush, soap, and bug spray, i set out to clean the green house.


btw this is a little embarrassing to show ya’ll such a break-down of all things clean and organized!  but i must so that you can get the full effect. :) (notice the wisteria vines creeping in and talking hold!)


i called in some reinforcements. ashley was very eager to help but she would have nothing to do with the spider killing!



and i think it looks quite a bit better now!  the door and two ceiling pannels are still popped out, which dad assures me he can fix.


i’m  hoping i can plant again this year. i really missed it! and that, my friends, is my greenhouse story. have a great monday evening!

<3 rozi

shopping trip

last saturday gale, tinslie, caroline, and i went shopping! i hadn’t been on a real shopping trip in forever. it was pretty crazy. we have this thing of all crowding into one dressing room and trying on our stuff at one time. i think some people were getting kinda annoyed at us! thankfully we didnt see the “only one person in the dressing room at a time” sign untill after we were done. yea i know, gale’s not looking. :)


and it rained like the whole time! once these two smartie pants decided to run out to the car ahead of tinslie and i. they forgot that i held the keys. :) so of course i made them wait untill i got out there.


on the way home it poured! the wind sheil fogged up like crazy and we couldn’t get it to “un-fog” we tried pretty much every temperature of air but it didn’t help. so tinslie had to take her jacket and wipe the inside of the windsheild every minute or so. and thankfully we made it home safely but a little late. :)


<3 rozi